Is 4k Worth The Money?

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The movie industry is trying to impose for a while a new format both for movies and for TVs. Smart TVs fulfill this quality. Their novelty brings along many benefits unseen before. Though the new 4k resolution is a bit confusing for some users as not all the players in the business agree and accept a standard, its implementation won’t be that difficult. Customers are always extremely thrilled about the progress of technology.

And this incredible technology advances at a stunningly quick pace. The 4k monitors, TVs and projectors are the big thing now. But let’s see a bit something that concerns each and every user. As we all know, when a new technology is launched it’s usually very expensive. Then, as it gets updated, the outdated models get more and more inexpensive. And things get terribly easily outdated.

However, as of 2015, the prices are obviously still high, yet not too high if you have a big bank account. You can see all the prices at A 4k TV usually costs between $1,299 and $9,997 and a monitor it’s between $404 and $1,469.99. This is the cheapest part, which is a good thing as most users are only interested in TVs and computer monitors.

If you want the ultimate camera or projector, you need to dig deep into your pocket. A projector can go up to over $25,000 and a camera can’t be cheaper than $897.00. Still, that doesn’t mean that the highest-end camera can’t go up to $11,999.

Now some prices seem reasonable, while others still require you to sit down before you read them. Is 4k really worth all that money? Well, if money is not a problem, it’s great to go for the technology which will totally reshape the future of digital image.

TVs, monitors and cameras can be found for prices that pretty many people can afford. So there is no reason to deny yourself the pleasure of experiencing incredible quality. Projectors still need to wait a bit more as the prices are still very high at the moment. Provided that it doesn’t need a financial effort, 4k is definitely the way to go. As long as the purchase won’t destroy your financial stability, it is a good call.

Just the thought of enjoying every day 4,000×2,000 pixels is pretty convincing to get 4k if you can afford it. However, if any 4k purchase would drastically affect your finances, just wait a bit more.


“Window into a world”, the Dolby Vision approach to Hi-Reality Vision

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Geoffrey Morrison of Sound & Vision has posted the excellent article ‘HDR: The Other OLED‘ on the industry’s approach to Hi-Reality Vision; a highly recommended reading.

Window into a world. Image from Flickr: Justin Lynham, Breakfast on Ithaca Window into a world. Image from Flickr: Justin Lynham, Breakfast on Ithaca

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Sony keen on 4K and video intelligence in Singapore security market

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The security market has been growing in recent years, particularly in Singapore where authorities are keen to maintain the country’s position as one of the safest countries in the world. Riki Nishimura, GM of Visual Security Solutions, Professional Solutions Company (PSAP) at Sony Electronics APAC, comments on the security industry in Singapore.

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4k: The Technology Of The Future

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The future seems very bright if we look at the huge progresses of technology. Last year’s gadgets are already old news. This entire avalanche of newer technologies that keep getting enhanced every single day is just overwhelming. It seems hard to keep up. Unless you’re really passionate about progress, it’s pretty impossible to live a normal life and to stay up-to-date to all the latest news. Not to mention that unless you’re a millionaire, you can’t buy them.

So where does that leave the majority of people? Getting hooked with technologies that we can’t afford and knowing details about things we won’t enjoy? Not really. The great part is that all the gadgets that seem a bit outdated eventually get cheaper. The surprising fact is that all the gadgets get outdated extremely fast. Just a few years ago a laptop was a luxury. Now everyone has one. Let’s not even talk about smart phones. They totally took the world by storm.

Here is the newest huge thing: 4k. This is a resolution. Can you guess anything about it? Did you guess that it has 4,000×2,000 pixels? Isn’t this completely shocking? Who would have thought that something like this is even possible. But it is and it’s here. It’s the technology of the future. Most likely just a few years from now many people will enjoy it.

A 4k TV can display up to 1.07 billion colors. Now how would you define that? There are 84” Smart 4k TVs. And the technology keeps on developing fast. It’s not only about the resolution, it’s also about quicker frame rates and drastically enhanced contrast dynamics. The images have the ultimate details and look very lifelike.

At the moment there are monitors, cameras, TVs and projectors available. They are indeed expensive and you need to have a really high income to be able to afford one of those. But you know what? 4k will have the same faith as Full HD or Standard Definition. Everything that includes this technology will have a lower price pretty soon.

The 4k resolution has the potential of bringing the clearest image achieved so far. It won’t take long until you’ll be able to experience it. And the boundaries of science will be pushed even farther. This really makes you wonder how far can we go? The world advanced more than ever in the last century. How will things look a few decades from now from a technological standpoint?